: Study on alternative for securitisation capital

Risk Control’s Perraudin and BNP Paribas co-authors issue study of a practical, formula-based alternative for securitisation capital, the Conservative Monotone Approach, entitled: “Calibration of the CMA and Regulatory Capital for Securitisations”. Research

: Presentation at a conference

Risk Control presents on Enterprise Risk Management implications of Defined Benefit pensions schemes to the UK Institute of Actuaries’ WMA Prudential Conference. Events

: Presentation at a conference

Risk Control presents on AFA at a Securitisation Event 2014 in Amsterdam. Events

: ICAAP assessments

Risk Control completes ICAAP risk assessments for several leading asset managers. Consulting, Investment Firms

: New modelling approach

New approach developed for modelling tree-based correlation structures with application to asset manager ICAAP and operational risks by legal entity. Investment Firms, Research