Software Overview

Robust enterprise software implementing innovative techniques

Risk Control’s software suites

RC-Stress Testing System The system enables banks and asset managers to perform Pillar II capital calculations and to generate stress test projections for the full set of risks required by regulators.

RC-Capital Model This software provides a richly specified and powerful Monte Carlo portfolio model, supporting analysis of credit, FX and IR risks with detailed modelling of risk transfer transactions.

RC-Operational Risk Capital Model This software provides rigorous calculation of Operational Risk capital for banks or insurers using either Loss Distribution Approach (LDA) or judgmental, workshop-based analysis.

RC-Limit System This standalone limit software permits organisations with exposures held in different database systems to evaluate and distribute information on their credit limits to other front office and risk systems.

RC-Rating Scenario System This system allows banks (commercial or multilateral) to analyse the impact of a wide variety of scenarios on their own credit ratings as evaluated by the three major rating agencies.

RC-Connectivity and Data Validation System This database portal and validation system provides a structured and flexible way for financial firms to receive, check and process exposure data from multiple external or internal sources.

RC-Credit Scoring System This software allows financial firms to develop and manage multiple credit scoring models which may then be accessed by external users to evaluate credit quality via web services.

RC-Dashboard and Database Tool This software provides highly flexible calculation and visualisation tools that can be used to calculate bespoke analytics and then present them via customisable graphical formats.

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Powerful Risk and Business Software

We develop and license enterprise software implementing rigorous risk methodologies. Our software is used by leading banks, asset managers, funds and public institutions around the world.

Our software is subject to continuous development as we incorporate new features and improvements. Risk Control software is designed to integrate seamlessly with clients’ existing up- and down-stream systems.

Risk Control can tailor flexible software platforms to supply bespoke solutions precisely matching client needs. We also assist clients by implementing, validating and enhancing their own internally developed software.

Examples of bespoke software solutions