: Study of MDB Preferred Creditor Treatment for sovereign loans by rating

Risk Control completes study of Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) sovereign loan performance and Preferred Creditor Treatment (PCT).

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: Cloud-based software hosting for Risk Control software using Microsoft Azure

Risk Control enhances its Software-as-a-Service offerings by hosting all its major software via dedicated, client-specific, and highly secure Microsoft Azure cloud-based installations.

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: New Non-Financial Risk Capital software completed

Risk Control implements a model for computing Non-Financial Risk Capital using an Advanced Models Approach (AMA).

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: Public Discussion on Risk Control’s MDB Risk Transfer and Risk Benchmarking Solutions

Risk Control spoke at “The G20 CAF Recommendations One Year On:
Implementation and Challenges” event organised by the MDB Challenge Fund on the margins of the 2023 Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group .

Event panellists discussed the solutions they are developing to unlock more headroom in response to urgent climate and development finance needs.

Risk Control’s projects focus on MDB risk transfer and risk benchmarking. See  more about the projects’ objectives here. Events, Presentation

: RC-Capital Model Video

Risk Control publishes a short video about the RC-Capital Model on its YouTube channel. The Monte Carlo model is a high-specification, portfolio modelling framework, supplying rigorously calculated risk statistics for multi-asset portfolios over different holding periods. Asset Managers, Credit Risk, Investment Firms, Software

: MDB Portfolio Expansion study

The second study commissioned by the G20 Independent Review of MDBs Capital Adequacy Frameworks becomes public.

It assesses credit rating agency criteria and MDB headroom capacity.

The calculations are performed using Risk Control’s Rating Scenario System. This software replicates the full scorecard of MDB ratings for the three major rating agencies, Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

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: MDB Sovereign Loan Credit Performance and PCT

The first of three studies commissioned by the G20 Independent Review of MDBs Capital Adequacy Frameworks becomes public.

The study presents a quantification of Preferred Creditor Treatment (PCT) for Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs).

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: Hybrid Capital Analysis

Risk Control analyses the use of hybrid capital backed by Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) for several Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs).

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: Validation of Sovereign Rating Model

Risk Control carries out independent review and validation of a clients Sovereign Credit Rating Model and provides findings and recommendations comparing the approach vis-à-vis industry best practices.

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: Analytical Support for Significant Risk Transfer (SRT) Trades

Risk Control supports multiple Significant Risk Transfer (SRT) trades, providing risk and pricing analyses to both investors and issuers.


: Risk Based Pricing Software

Risk Control deploys new Risk Based Pricing software.

See Risk Control’s software suite here.