Sectors Overview

We are an independent firm of risk specialists

Risk Control works on a wide variety of risk, valuation and financial planning problems relevant to a broad range of public and private sector clients.

We are experienced in analysing all major risk categories including credit, market, operational, pensions, insurance, legal and business risks.

We look at risk both unconditionally and through stress tests in which risk is analysed conditional on particular scenarios.

Risk Control has developed powerful approaches for linking risk to financial planning and strategy formulation which are applicable to a wide variety of organisations.

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Public Institutions

Investment Firms

Industrial Companies


With its wide experience of credit, market and operational risk, Risk Control works with commercial, central and development banks on all aspects of risk analysis and strategy.

With funds, Risk Control has worked on the design of investment strategies and provided software to analyse risk-return tradeoffs and operational risk.

For insurers, Risk Control has devised and licensed risk software for capital calculations and advised on high level strategy issues of equity injections and rating optimisation.

For non-financial corporates, Risk Control has advised on real investment criteria and assisted treasury operations in funding strategies and counterparty risk control.