Investment Firms

Risk analysis for the world's leading fund managers

Risk Control works with prominent asset managers on risks affecting either their own businesses or their clients’ portfolios.

We are experienced in analysing asset manager operational risk and have developed innovative approaches for calculating Pillar II capital from risk registers.

Risk Control supplies software for operational risk and stress testing by asset managers and a full range of advisory services in these areas.

We are experienced in modelling multi-asset-class investment risk over different horizons to assist asset allocation or solvency analysis.

Example assignments

  • For a large fund manager, Risk Control implemented a framework for analysing risk return trade-offs and portfolio selection conditional on macroeconomic scenarios
  • We assisted a medium sized asset manager by delivering all the risk and stress testing quantification required for their ICAAP
  • Risk Control implemented operational risk and stress testing software for a major asset manager
  • We implemented a capital model that was used by a large credit fund to control its risks and obtain ratings from major ratings agencies