: Cloud-based software hosting for Risk Control software using Microsoft Azure

Risk Control enhances its Software-as-a-Service offerings by hosting all its major software via dedicated, client-specific, and highly secure Microsoft Azure cloud-based installations.

  Asset Managers, Banks, Public Institutions, Software

: New Non-Financial Risk Capital software completed

Risk Control implements a model for computing Non-Financial Risk Capital using an Advanced Models Approach (AMA).

  Asset Managers, Banks, Software

: RC-Capital Model Video

Risk Control publishes a short video about the RC-Capital Model on its YouTube channel. The Monte Carlo model is a high-specification, portfolio modelling framework, supplying rigorously calculated risk statistics for multi-asset portfolios over different holding periods. Asset Managers, Credit Risk, Investment Firms, Software

: Regional Bank Default Probabilities in the Covid-19 Crisis

Risk control publishes a note on bank default probabilities in the Covid-19 crisis in the form of regional indices for North America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania, Latin America & Caribbean and Middle East.

Asset Managers, Banks, Credit Risk, Insurers, Methodology