Survey on the Impact of MiFID II on European Investment Research

Risk Control is pleased to announce the launch of a Survey on the Impact of MiFID II unbundling rules on European investment research with a particular focus on corporate Fixed Income securities and SME equities.

The survey will contribute to a major study that Risk Control is preparing for the European Commission.

The online survey is available in three variants: (i) for buy-side firms, (ii) for sell-side firms and (iii) for equity and bond issuers.

Each survey must be completed during a single browser session.

If you wish to examine the survey questions offline (prior to inputting the responses into the online version of the survey), you may download the three survey variants here: (i) offline for buy-side firms, (ii) offline for sell-side firms, and (iii) offline for issuers. Thereafter, you should enter responses into the online version of the survey.

The closing date of the Survey is the 15 of June.

All survey responses will be treated as strictly anonymous. The identity of respondents will only be visible to the Risk Control team tasked with ensuring data quality.
Survey results will be presented in an anonymised and aggregated form. The data will only be used in the preparation of the report for the Commission and all copies of data will be destroyed following the completion of the project.

Please note that, in parallel to this survey, Risk Control is conducting one-hour structured interviews on the effects of MiFID II unbundling rules on investment research.
If you would like to participate, please email
In these interviews, we seek to understand respondents broader perspectives on the regulations and their impact on the market.  All interviews are conducted on a confidential basis.