: Brussels presentation on bond market liquidity

Risk Control presents research on market liquidity at Public Hearing on European Corporate Bond Markets in Brussels on 24th November. The programme for the event can be accessed here.  

Slides for the event can be accessed here. Banks, Events, Media, Public Institutions

: New financial engineerig software: Risk Frame

Risk Control develops new framework software called Risk Frame to host a wide range of financial engineering applications. Risk Methods, Software

: Presentation on Corporate Bond Market Liquidity

Risk Control presents a preview of a soon-to-be published report on liquidity in the European corporate bond market to ICMA’s Secondary Market Practices Committee. Banks, Insurers, Investment Firms, Regulation

: Liquidity Study for Major bank

Risk Controls delivers analysis of securities markets liquidity for major bank. Banks, Liquidity, Market Risk

: Presentation to Bank CROs

Risk Control analyses the implications of S&P’s new RAC ratings framework for senior staff from multiple banks. Banks, Credit Risk

: Presentation to the European Commission

Risk Control presents analysis of liquidity in the European corporate bond market to European Commission. Banks, Insurers, Investment Firms, Regulation

: Capital and Risk in Bancassurance Organisations

Risk control devises and implements a risk management model allowing one to calculate failure probabilities. Banks, Insurers, Regulation, Risk Methods

: Stress Testing Software Enhancements

Risk Control completes major enhancements of stress testing software. Banks, Investment Firms, Software

: Provisions Forecasting Under Stress

Risk Control devises new methodologies for modelling sovereign credit provisions conditional on macro scenarios. Banks, Investment Firms, Research